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Are your CAD standards, procedures and requirements important to you?

Of course they are! You developed your CAD standards and procedures to assure rapid and consistent drawing creation and revision by any combination of qualified CAD operators. You know time is saved when the CAD standards are followed, but standards checking takes so much time that it wasn't always feasible to verify your drawings met your standards.

After you deploy and use CADQC it will become clear that there is finally a truly useful tool that can quickly detect errors, simplify the checking process and improve the overall confidence in the accuracy of your CAD drawing files. CADQC forces the CAD operator to quickly learn the rules. All deviations from the rules result in an error report and the operator has to go back and correct the error. The sooner they learn that they can't get around your CAD rules and focus on doing the work correctly the quicker they finish the work. Errors that once were very time consuming to detect and correct are now very easy. Give your CADQC checking file to the CAD operators and require that they run the QC report and make the corrections before giving the drawings to the checker.

Now the checker glances at the CADQC Drawing Checker Report and should see no errors are detected on the drawing that they are about to check and can focus on the technical checking and accuracy of the drawing only. Because you can detect missing information, blank attributed fields, modified blocks, incorrectly filled out data fields, incorrect line use with almost no effort and 100% accuracy your CAD files overall accuracy has clearly been increased. You can run CADQC on the drawing files returned to you by an outside contractor and quickly locate violations of your CAD standards. Return the files and the printed CADQC Drawing Checker Report to the contractor for corrections. Or require the contractor to run the CADQC Drawing Checker Reports and deliver them with the drawing files to facilitate your acceptance of their work.

Build into your CADQC standard checking file all of the document information that is important to you to qualify the files to be checked in to your document management system upon return. The CADQC Drawing Checker Report will reveal if there are any problems and you can return them to the contractor or if not then you can be confident that they are safe to check in to your document management system. Without a tool or just using a manual process for checking the CAD files, how confident are you and all other users of the accuracy of your CAD drawing files?

New Autocad tools and features

This software is a digital resource that has revolutionized technical design in 2D and 3D. Intelligent escorts will explain you that CAD stands for Computer Assisted Drawing. It has gained international acknowledgment because of its extensive editing capabilities, which facilitate the construction of building diagrams and the recreation of animations on multiple dimensions. Learn more about the practical features of this software and the advantages it provides.

A versatile tool for technical design

Autocad is widely used by technicians, architects, designers and engineers. It is ideal to create graphics of multiple dimensions and to explore each angle of such elements. This software was developed by the company known as Autodesk in the mid-eighties as your acquainted escort Paris will inform you.

The use of this digital resource allows you to manage a database filled with different geometric shapes on a graphic environment which is known as the drawing editor.

Skilled escorts will show you how through the use of different commands it is possible to process vector images in Autocad. The tool also allows you to arrange the designs in layers and to incorporate files of photographic type in formats like bitmap.

Autocad also enables you to use photorealistic presentation methods to generate complex designs. Given all the tools provided by this software, it is possible to create drawings really fast and in an effective way.

Object Snap commands are useful to increase the precision of a design. With the assistance of the cursor, you could move the end point of a line to another desired spot like an intersection of two or more lines. If you want to copy, erase or turn more than object at the same time, your highly skilled escort Paris from you just met on 6annonce can show you some modification commands useful for such tasks.

You can see a detailed projection of your work through the use of visualization commands. Drag the object of your choice on the edition screen to observe every single angle.

This software allows you to export your work on different formats, making it compatible with other designing tools as dexterous escorts will explain you.

Advantages provided by the latest version of Autocad

The new version of Autocad allows you to import pdf files without requiring a previous conversion. Smart escorts can assist you with specifications displayed on the dialog box used to introduce the archive of your preference.

This tool also allows you to share the design view of your project on internet through the use of Autocad 360. The recipient does not need to have the software installed to see the presentation. Additionally, it also includes a feature known as Print Studio which allows you to use a 3D printer for your scheme.

If you had older versions of the software installed on your computer, you can easily transfer your preferences to the new edition. Your expert escort Paris will explain you how to use the interface provided for this purpose.

The software allows you to create a file of standards to define common properties for your drawings and maintain consistency across all your designs. This feature facilitates the interpretation of illustrations. It is particularly useful in collaborative environments in which many people contribute to the same project.

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